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My Name is Alina (black-sui) aka Sui Princess.
I live in Wuppertal (Germany)
I love japanese fashion especially Princess style
I am in love with my husband he is from America, he seriously is the best in my whole life *Dream mode on*
My idol is Himena Ousaki, she is soo pretty.
This blog is about my life, fashion and other things which interest me.
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Drove to another town// nice weather// Hime gyaru coord

Hello princesses,

How are you princesses? I hope fine ^^.
Finally, finally it's getting a little bit warmer here. The snow is gone and the sun shines today ^^ ! Awwww~ that made my day.
We went to another small town today and stroll there a little bit.
It looks so super cute there.
I took some random pictures for you ^^
xD my boyfriend took a picture of me when I did my makeup XD
Because I love you ! Another kissing picture <3
In the car ^^

On the way were a lot of hills. You can see it here, the street goes really steeply upward.

Wooow this was a huge house O.o !!But I really like the design of it !


I'm always hungry when we are outside and my honey always bring a little snack for me before we leave because i always forgot it! <3

My sweetheart bought me some chocolate ^^

 Later we also went into a big supermarket and I found some cute stuff and took pictures for you..
I found a huge teddy bear. It was almost my size XD

And yeahh a Monster High scooter! that's so awesome! 

I also saw a Barbie calender for 2013. I loved the drawings. It looked just amazing!

xD A huge Edward Poster !!!

hahahaha, a random mirror picture, but I like it ^^

So Valentines day is near, so you found in every store a lot of ...
...Valentines stuff ^^ 

Today's outfit

Babydoll: Himecastle / Liz Lisa style
Hairbow: Princess Melody
Skirt/ pants: Liz Lisa style
Choler: Creepyyeah
Shoes: Jesus Diamante
Coat: Liz Lisa




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