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My Name is Alina (black-sui) aka Sui Princess.
I live in Wuppertal (Germany)
I love japanese fashion especially Princess style
I am in love with my husband he is from America, he seriously is the best in my whole life *Dream mode on*
My idol is Himena Ousaki, she is soo pretty.
This blog is about my life, fashion and other things which interest me.
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2013// Real life Barbie outfit// big icicles

Hello Princesses,

first of all I wish u all an amazing year 2013.
ヽ@(^ェ^*)@ノ☆.。.:*・゜☆HAPPY NEW YEAR☆゜・*:.。.☆ヽ@(*^ェ^)@ノ
I am pretty sure that my year 2013 will be amazing.
I celebrate my new years eve with my love at home.
It was an really romantic evening. Gomenasai but I didn't take any pictures ^^". It was just an evening for us.
just this bathroom picture xD

So well what are resolutions for this year
- of course Diet xD
- live with my new Love together
- create more my own individual Hime Gyaru style
- visit different countries

Well, it's still cold here in America and we had so much snow ^^.
Today we ate Donuts at Dunkin Donuts. There we ate our favorite Donuts (my Love and me had the same favorite Donut) Strawberry frosted  It's so delicious! I also took some winter pictures for u. I found very big icicles. I never saw them so big. Omg they can kill u if they fall down on u! ... (>ω<*)ノノ

My Boyfriend and me. He had a Grinch hat on XD
Our donuts <3

Sui eating XD...

Here u can see the big icicles!

My boyfriend also show me a street in his town it's called "Skyline".(〃∇〃)
It's on a hill. When u drove up to the highest point of the street u can see the whole town. He show me that by night. It was an amazing picture.
Really it looks so undescribably beautiful. 
U can't see it really on my iPhone picture >.<
It looks so gorgeous in person.

Today's Barbie outfit

Shirt, necklace: Barbie
Bows:  Jesus Diamante and Ma*rs
Skirt/Pants: Liz Lisa
Boots: Esperanza Japan




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