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My Name is Alina (black-sui) aka Sui Princess.
I live in Wuppertal (Germany)
I love japanese fashion especially Princess style
I am in love with my husband he is from America, he seriously is the best in my whole life *Dream mode on*
My idol is Himena Ousaki, she is soo pretty.
This blog is about my life, fashion and other things which interest me.
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Big Lolita meetup: Royal Pony - Wonder Egg

Hello princesses,

On Saturday (21.04.2012) was a big lolita meetup in Düsseldorf. 
It was so much fun. The name of the meetup was 1. Royal Pony - "Wonder Egg".
We all met at Düsseldorf central station and went then together into a small cafe called Kastanie.
We were  such a big group, 40+ Lolitas! *O*
In the cafe we ate all together and had a lot of fun ^------^. 
But I have to say the one of the waitresses was very unfriendly at this cafe... >---<
She poured a hot chocolate over a Lolita at our table! Then then the only thing she said was: "This can happen to anyone". She probably doesn't even remotely know how much these cost >__>"
Then she also said she would clean the coat from the girl. We all waited a while and then we saw the coat was lying in some corner >---<.
After that we all went to Düsseldorf Nordpark. There was a small fashion contest and everyone got some small chocolate sweets. 
This was so cute *O* <3
Here a lot of pictures:
Group picture, so many beautiful lolitas *O* click to enlarge <3
XDDDD we are so sexy xDDD
Nina in Motie <333
Ina and Lötti <33333 Check their blogs for more pictures :3
Laura 3 and me <333

Svenja and Laura <3333 Both looked so amazing <3333
May chan with her best friend Jana. She looked so cute in lolita <33333

Svenja <333333
 My pictures, taken by Laura Kossing *O*

Taeyen and me, she is so beautiful I always love her coords *O*

Okay that was all. 
Sorry for posting the pictures so late ;__;

Lazy Days with Maddy and Rieke

Hello princesses,

yesterday and today were my lazy days. Yesterday I met my younger sister Maddy after work and today my good friend Rieke. 
First I want to show you some pictures from yesterday. Maddy and me met in düsseldorf, took Purikura together, went to Takumi and to a small cafe called Tenten. We made a lot of plans for our next year, because my sister wants to come with me to Japan.
Streetsnap in düsseldorf, this girl looked so stylish *O*

Maddy and me <33
xDD derp....

japanese food <3
Macha latte and a muffin  <3333

Our rings <3
My outfit:
Coat: Yumetenbo
Shirt: Tao Bao
Skirt: Kult
Shoes, Bag, JD

 I bought a new hat and a coat ^^
My new coat from Orsay <3
New black hat <3 from Accessorize
 Today I met my friend Rieke in cologne <33
We had a lot of fun <33 Rieke I love u <3333
We went together to Starbucks an had a snack at Subway later on. 
I didn´t take a lot of pictures because we didn't look good xD
Vanilla latte at Starbucks<3

Here the only photo of me today ^--^

Subway <3
I bought and trade something from/with Rieke <333
Cuttte, cutttte Sailor Shirt

Hell Bunny dress. This is the print, it is very long, but I will shorten it ^----^it is so cute.

This Ribbon bracelet was a present from Rieke chan <333 Thank uuu honey <33
Okay thats all for today <33
Byee Byee

What I bought in Japan: Part 2

Hey princesses,

here is my part two of what I bought in Japan ^^ <3333
New Pretty Cure figure
Jesus Diamante bear charm
twinkle star charm ^^ From a 100 yen store <3
Black Ageha dress
worn by me:
Bodyline Petticoat
Used Jesus Diamante wallet

Ma*rs coat
Alpacasso from a Game Center
New sunhat
Pink offbrand Cardigan and dress
Liz Lisa style shoes
A lot of lashes
My Melody: Letter sheet; circle lens box and a Gashapon
Short Lace socks
Dolly wink black eyelash glue
Liz Lisa boots
Liz Lisa dress
worn by me:
Ma*rs dress
Jesus Diamante ribbon necklace
New Parfum
Pretty cure plushie
Doremi Gashapons; The Alpaca was for my friend Laura ^^
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